Friday, November 9, 2007

well almost back to Quartzsite

we were in Las Vegas, actually Henderson..which I love cause the traffic is lower and everything you want to shop for is here! When we go back we are going to Chinatown to get food! I am doing a new blog on blogger and haven't learned it yet so bear with me....i will! I am doing a new diet and I am down to to 130 lbs. got 5 lbs to to go to be back to when I was 18. I am doing Eat2Live with Dr. Joel Furhman which is

I want to take the stores here with me..there is everything you could want including Whole Foods which I which I could attach to the back of the rv and take it with me. I can only hope that regular grocery stores will adapt to healthy food...some are, some like Walmart have some things but I can't fit down the aisles!!! and get very frustrated in there....I wrote to them and they responded that they would send it to the appropriate dept which i figure is the file 13...the waste basket. shame!!!!
We are in Pahrump this week...I walked out of 4 buffets, not like it was two years ago, it is turning into Las Vegas. They used to have a good seafood buffet in the Terribles Town Casino....well not anymore. I walked in today and they had shrimp but they had removed all the salad bar food and there was nothing to eat except a couple of apples and oranges. We walked out! Went next to the Pahrump Nugget where we were told that we needed silver or platinum cards, we got alot of stuff for free for Ed's birthday month 2 years 61st birthday is tomorrow but walked out of there too. I finally gave up after one more and asked for a recommendation for a good chinese restaurant!!! Well the lady at the Nugget told me one place she didn't like but I don't listen to that stuff. We went there and it was the best hot and sour soup I ever tasted!! Wonderful, called the House of Fortune China Cuisine...It was great! This city is all the smokers who are fat and love buffets. Sorry, I can't eat any of it and it looks disgusting. The seafood buffet now doesn't start till 4:00 for 13.99 and I don't that much. I am just having a hard time trying to eat healthy with the travel. Be glad to get back to Vegas. Ed is taking me to Chinatown to get groceries...dried mushrooms, etc.!!! That's where the restaurants here told me they get their stuff so I will go...we ate at PF Changs in Las Vegas and that was a great place..had lettuce wraps with tofu and water chestnuts, and some hot and sour soup which is my favorite. I took home an entire head of lettuce!!! I don't eat much....This place in the back of the Radio Shack strip center is wonderful...the guy is talkitive but the food is out of this world!!!!!

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